Sixty 01 - Sales / Rentals

Sales Information

Sixty-01 does not handle the sale of any unit. Owners looking to list their unit may want to consider these real estate agents familiar with Sixty-01. Sixty-01 does not have a recommended or preferred sales agent, owners should consider all options before contracting with a real estate agent.

 Wayne Duke
 Washington Management


 Sherry Sahlstrom


 Jessica Gockel
 Coldwell Banker Bain


 Tammi Simpson
 Realty One Group - Preview


 Denise Monaghan OConnell
 Managing Broker CRS

 Sinead Fennell
 Sterling Johnston & Associates

Those looking for units listed for sale at Sixty-01 should check the current MLS listings for the area or contact a real estate agent.

Rental Information

No rentals are handled by the Sixty-01 Administration office. For rental information please directly contact any individuals listing their units for rent. For more rental information visit the reader-board just north of the Main Gate, search Craigslist,or contact Jami Landeros from Washington Management at

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